How to go Back to Work after a Holidays

With the holiday season coming to an end, experts share their tips to help you get your career back on track and find fulfillment at work.

The holiday season is come to an end and, for many of us, that ‘back to school‘ feeling is already encroaching.

Saying goodbye to the holiday, sea and freedom not to look at your emails can often feel like the end of the world. There’s nothing like a dose of the post-holiday blues to make you wish you’d chucked it all in and opened a yoga school on a Greek island.

It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom, though. We’ve spoken to experts and asked for their top tips on finding career fulfillment in the face of the autumn.

At the organizational level, developing more dynamic performance planning approaches will help. Accenture did not scrap performance planning altogether; it replaced a cumbersome system with a more agile approach.

Thought shared   to catch up on work after a vacation

Ease Yourself Back: One of the biggest mistakes people make is scheduling back-to-back meetings on the day of return. You will need at least a day to catch up on pending work and emails. “Keep your calendar relatively empty and make a list of follow-ups, pending tasks and completed tasks,” says Vijay Raj.

Priorities: It’s important to prioritize items that need immediate attention and set aside those that can wait. “Once you return, prioritize your work as you may have a backlog of emails and other important work that needs attention,” said Charu, Director,  Select Insurance Aus Pty Ltd.

Work Smart: Jumping head-first into an avalanche of pending work will be counterproductive; keeping some basic techniques in mind will help you be more efficient.“Don’t read emails chronologically; look at the sender and subject and then decide on the importance. Get smaller tasks like projects that you started before your vacation out of the way,” says Pradip Parmar, General Manager at La Verne Capital Pty Ltd.

Have a Mental Map Ready: “Typically, you’d catch up on important emails first and then, understand your team priorities for the week. Avoid signing up for discussions on new initiatives as you should give yourself time to settle back in and catch up,” says Prasad Rode, Insurance Adviser at Select Insurance Aus Pty Ltd – Business Insurance Specialist.

Basic things to be followed once you return to work after holiday

Avoid having food and drink at meetings – they’re not social occasions

Work Normal as you always do. Try to coordinate challenging tasks with the times you are likely to be at your best. If you’re a morning person, tackle the bigger challenges you have at a workplace and once you free go through the email, if you have a regular appointment or meeting just attend at a free time off work so you will able to concentrate on it. If you are a boss of your company then share your new idea with your staff or colleagues.

Idea of meetingsWe attend too many meetings. Before you agree to a meeting, ask what the purpose is and what the organizer needs from you, the thought of Mr. Vijay Raj about a meeting .“Meetings should be for decision-making and discussion rather than sharing of information, so if everyone prepares properly you should be able to limit them to 15 minutes. Stay standing (to keep alert) and avoid having food or drinks, which turn meetings into social occasions more likely to drag on.”

Cut short your email. Definition of the email shared by the Select insurance Aus Pty Ltd.” Writing a shorter email means that the receiver is more likely to read it, make a quick decision, and write a shorter reply, which in turn saves you time. But what you write is also important. More often than not, we write what we want to say rather than what will get people to think, feel and do the things we want them to. Stick to the facts, keep things simple and, if there’s a request, make it clear.”

Value of Time.” Your top capital at work is your time”, so work out who and what you need to disburse yours on in order to execute your goals. At the beginning of each week, decide on three things you want to achieve by end of the week, as well as a few people you want to have spent some time with. If you hold steady to your work plan, you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving at least some of it.

The best proverb on time which is followed by the Select Insurance Aus and La Verne Capital Pty Ltd “Time and tide wait for none.” It is better says by someone. Everyone should understand the value and importance of the time

Control your emotion. If you’re angry or upset at work, do not make any calls or write any emails, at all, to anyone. An emotional email or call will only because you more repair work further down the line when you have to apologize or rebuild a broken relationship. Leave the work environment, do something you enjoy for an hour, and wait until you are totally calm before acting. If you can, leave things overnight. If you have to respond there and then, keep things factual. Report only on what you’ve seen and owned your emotions.

‘People who smile and laugh at work are more engaged in their jobs’


Consider the things you love about your job, and then ask your boss if you can do more of them

Take the ResponsibilityThink of yourself as an entrepreneur and run your career like your own business. Think about your company, recognize who your customers and bosses are, and be clear about what they pay you for. Follow all the trends in your industry, look for new opportunity to add value, and keep expanding the range of ‘products’ you sell by signing up for professional development programmers, or volunteering for projects that will bolster your skill set, and always expand yourself, a thought was shared by Select Insurance Pty Aus Ltd “Think as CEO of the company and act as your own boss”

How to work safelyAvoid friction at a workplace to get success, so make an effort to get along with all your co-workers. This might mean congratulating a colleague on a job well done, appreciate the teams which have performed well or you could find something you can all share outside work – a company sports team, staff picnic or exercise group, perhaps. Finally, laugh more. La Verne Capital Pty Ltd found that “Laugh at work- it feels good and makes you more productive”

Focus on what you like and ramp it up. Consider the things you love about your job, and then ask your boss if you can do more of them. Do not afraid or nervous asking; your boss usually wants you to succeed, especially if it will make him or she looks good, too. Each day, write down three things you’re grateful for. Gratitude for the good parts of your job will give you the strength to ride out the difficult parts. A working idea of Mr. Vijay Raj.” If you want your employees to take risks, you have to give them permission to fail”

Transform your workspace. Decluttering is liberating, empowering and a physical way to make decisions about your life. You’re saying, “This is valuable, this is not.” Next, find a positive image to inspire you and help you cope. Close your eyes and visualize it, or tape a version of it to your office wall. Directing your attention away from your work opens up a door in your day for respite, a restart, and a new view. A thought about workspace which was shared by La Verne Capital and Select Insurance Aus Pty Ltd “The mission is to elevate our essential work tools, and in doing so empower us all to become more inspired, creative and productive individuals.”

Mentor someone. As well as infusing your job with a sense of purpose, mentoring can help you get excited again about what you do and boost flagging confidence. Keep in mind that mentoring is a two-way street – a younger person has plenty to teach you, too. Some businesses have formal mentoring programmers, so check with your HR department. If they don’t, keep your ear to the ground about new starters who might need help, or see if you can make connections elsewhere in your industry. Yogesh Hemrajani shared his thought “Everyone’s version of success is different. You have to define what success looks like for you”


Consider what makes you feel on top, then focus your energy on getting those things right

Don’t balance work and life, blend them. Draw a life circle and break it into segments of work and responsibility, requirement and objective your life is moving smoothly. Separate each segment with an element that contributes to this feeling – your children, exercise, progression at work, for example and rates your experience about it and moves towards the new goal of life.

Give priority your happinessHappiness is the backbone of productivity at work and in your Personal life. It relates to your happiness, stress levels, confidence, and sense of security, and is closely linked to your personal work-life blend. Once you have identified the things that contribute to your optimum state of wellbeing, make them a real priority. It will be worth it in the long run.

“Looking ahead, I’m trying to envision the full scope of my time and see where the important stuff should go, and allow the likes of Netflix to fit in when possible. Not only does this mean I can actually focus properly on matters important to me, but it also affords me a greater sense of calm when I do get around to indulgence.”

Planning changes the game. Everybody has trouble: perhaps your manager doesn’t understand how committed you are to progression since you’ve returned from leave, or your partner is letting you deal with more and more at home… but we choose to ignore them because we have other things going on. Don’t. Talking with a like-minded person is a great way to acknowledge your problems and come up with options to address them. So always do advance planning before taking such major step

Accept our lifestyle transfer: it’s 2018. The world has been changed from our parents’ generation. Be sure that you and your partner build a future. Communicate to your partner to the part of the blend that needs to achieve, and works with hand on hand if you receive any big problem occur. Try as hard as you can to see things from one another’s point of view.

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