Cash is an integral part of building any investment portfolio. It is the only asset class that doesn't pose any capital risk – meaning that you won't lose any actual money by placing your money in 'Cash.'

Our cash management advisor says cash helps to protect your money. If you're uncomfortable with losing too much money, you can keep much of your portfolio in cash and then diversify into other, riskier asset classes. Remember the risk/reward tradeoff though - the more you have in cash, the lower returns you might receive.

However, that's not to say that there aren't any risks with cash – you could see the spending power of your money fall if inflation is higher than the interest rate you receive. This is known as inflation risk. Our financial strategy makers will work intimately with you to build up and install a budget that is sensible and straightforward to follow.

By holding into a financial credit of your earnings and expenses, we can build functional budget plans to assist to let you regulate your capital, manage needless expenditure, cut expenses, and where feasible permit you to both accumulate for your objectives and use up the items or understanding your need now. Apart from of what tool you make use of, the greatest thing to sticking with a budget is to make it smooth and straightforward to go after. Laverne Capital can give you a simple to use financial planning tool that will support in keeping a close eye on your spending, along with informing us if you are starting to go down ahead.