Protecting Wealth

Money Isn’t Your Only Asset

It incorporates a variety of insurance products to protect you, and the wealth you’ve generated. Once you have accumulated some wealth or developed an income stream, make sure you PROTECT it so you don’t lose it.

Types of financial solutions vary depending on your assets and personal circumstances and can be evaluated with the assistance of financial services.

Some types of insurances that can protect your property or any assets.

  • Income Protection
  • Home Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Life Insurance

We believe that protecting wealth not only consist of the money in your bank account. It’s easy to protect yourself and your family from unexpected financial crises.

Laverne Capital will work with you for your wealth management to plan durable financial and protection plans that will take care of covering of your present and future so that you will be able to be relaxed easily.

Insurance might look like just an additional expense, but when critical situations occur, it’d save you from an economic crisis.

We’ll manage your stage of cover harmonizing it, so it's both sufficient and not needlessly high. The people at Laverne are dedicated to providing you cover for your family, your property, and your earnings.